A journey into Mélodie


Lionel SOW

120 singers max



From 1 to 5 August, 2019

Let us delve into French Mélodie and its subtle harmonic language. Gabriel Fauré, Henri Duparc, and Claude Debussy amongst others who have so exquisitely mastered the translation of great French poets into music will take you on a scrumptious journey in this atelier for piano and choir.
Lionel SOW - France

Lionel Sow received the highest certificate in choral conducting in 2005. He is artistic director to various vocal ensembles (Les Tempéramens, Choeur de Radio France, La Maîtrise Notre-Dame, etc.), and teaches at the superior conservatoire (CNSMD) of Paris. As a director of the Chœur de l’Orchestre de Paris and as part of his residency at the Parisian Philharmonic, he founded the Academy in 2012, the Chamber choir in 2013, the Children choir in 2014 and the Youth choir in 2015. As of January 2017, he teaches at the superior conservatoire (CNSMD) of Lyon.