Théodore Dubois’ Mass in E-flat


120 singers max



From 6 to 9 August, 2019

Bernard Lallement discovered and recorded Théodore Dubois’ (1837-1924) Mass in E-flat for three mixed voices and the piece is surprising in its elegant simplicity. This work is a hidden jewel by the famous author of Traité d’harmonie who was also a composer, and who lived at the same time as Gabriel Fauré.
Agnès DENNEULIN - France

Agnès Denneulin graduated in 2014 from the conservatoire of Bayonne, France, where she studied choral conducting with Laetitia Casabianca. She further graduated from Musikene, Spain, the superior conservatoire of the Basque Country, where she studied choral conducting with Gabriel Baltes and orchestra conducting with Arturo Tamayo Ballesteros. She is a former soprano at the French Youth Choir and currently sings in various ensembles. She also conducts in the South West of France Chorale Domajeurs, the youth choir Alkyone, and the chamber choir Oxymeris.