Saint Francis of Assisi Mass - Damijan Močnik


Damijan Močnik​

140 singers max



August 1 to 9, 2019

This mass for choir, string orchestra and percussions is like Saint Francis of Assisi: simple and humble. Let the composer introduce you to this new mass, a special work with contrasting movements, just like a snapshot of our century…
Damijan Močnik - Slovenia

Damijan Močnik studied composition at Ljubljana's Academy of Music in 1991. He developed his craft studying abroad, which included working with Eric Ericson. Since 1993, Močnik has been a choral conductor and music director at Ljubljana's Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, and since 2000 artistic director of all musical activities at the St. Stanislaus Institution. He conducts several choirs, and has won many awards in national and international choral competitions. In 2006, he was a composer-in-residence in Marktoberdorf, then was offered to lead the Composer's Conducting Atelier at Europa Cantat. He's been invited abroad several times to give concerts or composition lectures. His works are remarkable mostly for their flawless structure, and numerous dramatic turns with rich, exceptional, and mysterious sonorities.