Bolivian Cathedral of Sucre baroque music



80 singers max


French / Spanish

From 1 to 9 August, 2019

The Bolivian Cathedral of Sucre’s baroque music collection will take us to a time when sacred celebrations were a grand expression of exuberance, syncretism and religious fervor. Come and discover this religious music filled with boisterous rhythms and vibrant harmonies.
Mariana DELGADILLO - France Bolivia

Mariana Delgadillo Espinoza is passionate about early music and contemporary music. Her work focuses on contemporary creation, revival of early repertoire and teaching. She studied with Valérie Fayet, Nicole Corti and Hans Christophe Rademann at the superior conservatoire (CNSMD) of Lyon. She is the Frist Prize winner of the 8th EuropaCantat International Competition where she also won a special prize for interpretation in 2015. She founded in 2014 the Ensemble Alkymia and also conducts the Petits Chanteurs de Lyon, the Willems International Choir, and the Chœur du CHD de Lyon.