Northern lights



80 singers max



From 1 to 9 August, 2019

Come and discover some pearls from the North! In this atelier you will meet Swedish choral poetry as well as folklore from Scandinavia. Let your soul be inspired by the old tuned psalms, dances and melodies from this northern part of Europe!
Cecilia MARTIN-LÖF - Sweden

Cecilia Martin-Löf has been a choral conductor at the university of Lund (Denmark) for ten years and has conducted the Danish Radio Girls’ Choir. She has experience of choral work at all levels, from children, youth and beginners up to professional singers. She always strives to combine her love for poetry and literature making sure technical vocal precision always serves the lyrics. She is particularly interested in the Swedish and Nordic folklore and creates innovative performances with unexpected collaborations. Cecilia is currently training as an orchestra conductor at the Royal Academy of Music of Stockholm (Sweden) and has conducted the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra.