Aznavour Suite


140 singers max



From 1 to 9 August, 2019

The popular French singer Charles Aznavour’s greatest hits (Je m’voyais déjà, For me formidable, La Bohème, Emmenez-moi…) arranged by Olivier Bilquin in a suite for four mixed voices offers various atmospheres and musical styles. In this piece, all parts share the main themes of the songs…e
Olivier BILQUIN - Belgique

Composer and choral conductor Olivier Bilquin graduated from the Royal Music Conservatoire of Liège (Belgium) twenty years ago. In parallel to his classical curriculum, he has always had an eye on pop, rock, world music and broadway musicals. He works in schools and with non-profits and puts together various workshops and shows. He co-conducts with Florence Huby the choir Around40 and is the author of many choral arrangements published by the A Coeur Joie publishing house.