French hits of the 60s

Emmanuel PATERNE

70 singers max



From 1 to 9 August, 2019

« Salut Les Copains! » was a famous French variety program broadcast that launched the success of many musical icons of the 1960s. This atelier suggests original arrangements from the repertoire of these French icons such as Antoine, Jacques Dutronc, Richard Anthony, Johnny Halliday, Claude François, Hugues Affray, Michel Polnareff, and Sheila.
Emmanuel PATERNE - France

Emmanuel Paterne is multi-talented. He is musical director of Les Fous Chantants d’Alès (France), choral conductor, orchestra conductor, vocal coach, multi-instrumentist, composer, writer, arranger, executive producer, event organiser and even company director. Manu, as he likes to be called, has studied music in conservatoires from the age of 13. He regularly conducts choral events across France and vocal training sessions. Through the festival Les Fous Chantants d’Alès, he has collaborated with popular singers Maurane, Catherine Lara, Florent Pagny and Michael Jones amongst others.