North America landscapes

Zimfira POLOZ

120 singers max

12 - 16 years old


From 1 to 9 August, 2019

The roots of Canadian and North American art come from all over the world. Using our voices to explore traditional Indigenous Canadian music, folk music, and contemporary art music, we will create different colors in the voice – like a kaleidoscope for the ears! Our sessions will combine physical gestures, movement, and breathing techniques that encourage and foster expressive singing. For Individuals or full choirs.
Zimfira POLOZ - Canada

Zimfira Poloz’s career began as she founded the first choral school in Kazakhstan. She was artistic director and conductor of the school's senior choir Koktem which attained top international choral status as a recurring prize-winner in choral competitions and festivals around the world. After immigrating to Canada, Zimfira became an active member of the Toronto Children's Chorus artistic staff, a vocal coach at St. Michael's Choir School and an artistic director at High Park Choirs. She soon created the Hamilton Children’s Choir and advanced the choir’s sound and performance style by helping each child to find their own unique voice, which has become the benchmark for children’s choirs worldwide.