Study Tour


30 conductors max



From 1 to 9 August, 2019

Using the music sung in a few of the festival’s ateliers, Régis Harquel will take you through the different steps of a conductor’s work, from the first table read to the concert performance, via analysis of difficulties and teaching methods. This atelier is a study tour for choral conductors who will approach new repertoire, observe the ateliers and learn from conductors present at the festival as well as from one another.
Régis HARQUEL - France

Régis Harquel is a middle school music teacher who's been trained by Bernard Tétu and Régine Théodoresco, with whom he conducted Lyon's Cantrel until 2006. He graduated in choir conducting from Villeurbanne's ENM, and is currently conducting the vocal ensemble Ephémère, which has been awarded many prizes in choral contests. As a member of À Cœur Joie, he's a trainer in choir conducting and guest conductor in choir musical sessions. As such, he's directed two ateliers at Vaison-la-Romaine's Choralies, three at Quintin's festival La Voix, and several ateliers in the regions of Anjou, Bourgogne, Roussillon, Béarn and Paris. As a member of À Cœur Joie France's musical council from 2010 to 2013, and of À Cœur Joie Rhône, Régis Harquel never hesitates when it comes to leading ambitious projects.