Dalcroze rhythmic


Catherine DUPERRAY

20 singers max


From 1 to 5 August, 2019

An atelier for body and voice for all of you who don’t want to get worked up. Jacques-Dalcroze rythmics, songs, rhythms and harmonies are felt globally. Body and soul are enlisted through playful exercises which allow you to examine certain musical notions, to develop your ear, your concentration and your memory. Live music differently, experience it in the now.
Catherine Duperray

Rhythmician and pianist Catherine Duperray graduated from Geneve's Jacques-Dalcroze Institute. She teaches Dalcroze eurhythmics in music schools and shares her experience in primary schools. She is often asked to lead training courses for the “Mission Voix”, ADDMs and the À Cœur Joie association. Her double experience as a rhythmician and choir conductor has led her to organizing several shows with children choirs as well as adult choirs. She was the choreographer for Odile Perceau's musical comedy Vivre that was sponsored by Line Renaud to fight against AIDS, and toured in Paris, Abidjan and Washington, DC.