O Passo, a new approach to rhythm


Fabien AUBÉ

25 singers max

French / English

From 6 to 9 August, 2019

The O Passo method is rhythmic teaching method and uses walking in order to gain and develop essential musical notions: the beat, listening, being autonomous… This method was inspired by popular musical practices of Brazil and created by Lucas Ciavatta in 1996. It uses our inherent natural movement to link body to music.
Fabien AUBÉ - France

Fabien Aubé has studied music and choral conduction with the aspiration of sharing, passing on and feeling. Fabien Aubé has approached a great many repertoires and now conducts the oratorio choir of the Louvres (Paris) and co-conducts the international ensemble Revoice! He founded the ensemble Ainulindalë and the youth choir Tinwë. Fabien continues to explore the relationship between body, dance and music through training such as Dalcroze, Kodály, O Passo… He teaches in different conservatoires and collaborates in workshops at the Philharmonie de Paris. He is regularly invited to lead workshops on rhythm and vocal technique.