Here is a little bit of history

of over 60 years of Choralies !

In 1950, A Coeur Joie organize for the first time a big national gathering. Some 600 young singers coming from France but also Morocco, Algeria and Germany meet in Chamarande and rehearse hard during 4 days to prepare the closing concert in Salle Pleyel in Paris.

Vaison-la-Romaine, a love story!

After the success of Chamarande, the organization needs to find a place where thousands of singers could meet. An agreement is signed the following year with the Mayor of Vaison-la-Romaine. The Choralies are born and will become the largest attraction for the City.

In 1956, the Choralies become international. Over 500 singers from abroad join the festival. Ten countries are present: Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Spain. Finally, France discover choirs from all over the world.

Since the beginning… volunteers.

The Choralies are based on cooperation and give a large place to the human values. This a festival produced by people with passion for people with passion. Volunteers are the key workers to make this festival possible.

The 22 last editions in figures:

  • 800 Ateliers
  • 100 000 Hours of rehearsals
  • 80 000 Participants
  • 8 000 Volunteers
  • 2 000 Concerts
  • 400 000 Audience
  • 1 500 000 Meals served
  • Tens of thousands tons of material
  • 20 storms
  • and millions laughs