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Find here all the practical information and prices concerning the Youth Choirs!

Children's, teenagers' and youth choirs:

A special offer for young people (under 26)

Les Choralies, the choral singing festival for all, offers special packages for choirs under 26 years old.
From 4 to 11 August your choir will work each morning, under the direction of renowned conductors, on a repertoire specially chosen for young singers, in a relaxed but effective atmosphere.
A truly unforgettable experience for the young singers, the opportunity to meet other singers, to enjoy concerts and to experience singing together in the ancient theatre every evening.

An exceptional price

less than 45€ per day all inclusive!

Youth choirs under 26 years of age can register as a group for the entire duration of the Choralies and benefit from an all-inclusive rate of 350€ per person which includes

  • participation in a workshop
  • accommodation in a collective tent at the Choralies campsite
  • full-board catering
  • a badge giving access to the evening concerts in the antique theatre
  • It is possible to offer an afternoon concert as part of the programme.
  • The choir must be accompanied by one or more adults who are responsible for it

8-day workshops with a final concert

For children's choirs aged 8 to 12

Y’a d’la joie!

With Astryd Cottet (France)
A trip around the world for 8-11 year olds to discover different rhythms and movements that will allow you to sing in all languages easily.

For teenage choirs

Soul and Fun: set your voice free!

With Christian Fris-Ronsfeld (Denmark)
A modern pop repertoire for 12-17 year olds to set your voice free and feel the music deep down.

Nature Sings [workshop for constituted youth choirs].

With Tom Johnson (Belgium)
Eight days of fun (and work) with Tom to produce a real show about nature. The participants will have to prepare part of the repertoire with their conductor before the festival.

For youth choirs (16 to 26 years old)

All adult workshops at the festival are open to singers aged 16 and over (under the responsibility of an adult), subject to availability of places! It is possible to split the group over several workshops, please consult us.

Content and Length of Stay

Registered participants benefit from the following during the length of their registered activities:

Registration is for a period of 1 to 8 consecutive days. It is therefore not possible to register for two periods separated by an absence (first two days plus the last day for example).

A “Day at the Choralies” starts with the evening at the Théâtre Antique on the day before workshop begin, followed by the workshop and the afternoon concert for each registered workshop day (e.g. workshop from 4 to 6 August = 3 Choralies Days = evening of 3 August in the Théâtre Antique through to afternoon concert on 6 August).
If your package includes the day of 7 August (night off for the Théâtre Antique), you may attend the evening of your last day instead.


Youth choirs under the age of 26 can register as a group for the entire duration of the Choralies and benefit from a flat rate that includes:

  • participation in a workshop,
  • accommodation in a collective tent at the Choralies campsite,
  • full board catering.

The group can perform in an afternoon concert as part of the programme.

The rate for participants under the age of 26 is 350€ all inclusive, a savings of 55€ on the individual youth price. Choirs from certain countries may receive an additional discount according to the European Choral Association country group system.

Accompanying adults benefit from a reduced rate.

Information and registration at

YOUTH CHOIRS <26 years
The entire Choralies festival

8 days
350 per person
  • Included :
  • workshop participation
  • accommodation in a group tent and catering

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