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A responsible and proactive festival

The last few months have shown that the health situation is difficult to predict. We all hope that the epidemic will disappear, but the appearance of new variants is unfortunately a possible scenario and we cannot wait until the last minute to adapt the festival.

If vaccination offers an effective barrier against severe forms of the disease, the high transmissibility of the latest variants requires responsibility and anticipation for an event that lasts nine days.

We thank you in advance for your trust, your involvement and your understanding for the adaptations made necessary by the situation.

The team

Here are the main measures envisaged as of 24 January 2022. We will update this information regularly.

The concerts

We will apply the legal measures at the time of the festival, but to date, there are no particular constraints on the distancing of the audience. The use of masks will be decided according to the official protocols or decisions of the organisation.

The workshops

The workshops bring together the singers for three hours a day. The objective is to limit the risk during these periods.

We are currently working on the basis of the following health recommendations:

  • 1 metre distance between singers
  • Masked singing
  • Barrier measures (hand disinfection, limiting physical contact, etc.)
  • Maximum ventilation of the premises

The workshop venues have been evaluated on their size and ventilation capacity. If necessary, we will use CO2 measuring devices to ensure that the ventilation periods are properly sequenced.


We are suspending the possibility of accommodation in a collective tent for individual participants. Sharing a sleeping space for several nights with people from different backgrounds and with no ties constitutes a health and organisational risk. The offer of camping in individual tents and motorhomes is maintained.

We are aware of the inconvenience this may involve for some and that the alternative solution may not be suitable for all. We will reassess the health situation for possible adaptation. Those already registered will be contacted.

The collective tent offer will be maintained as far as possible for the reception of constituted choirs (youth groups), without mixing of groups and under the responsibility of the choir.


The catering is organised on collective tables, but under open-air tents. We are working on a portioned service that guarantees sanitary safety (and respect for standards limiting the use of plastic.

Health pass, vaccination pass

The government currently requires the presentation of a vaccination pass (or a less than 24 hours test certificate pass from 12 to under 16 years old) for the activities proposed (workshops, concerts, catering, etc.).

The law applies until 31 July 2022, three days before the start of the Choralies. However, we anticipate the possibility, indeed the likelihood, of an extension of the vaccination pass after that date.


We encourage registrants to seriously consider this possibility, both to protect their health in the event of contamination, and to guarantee their participation in the event that the vaccination pass obligation is maintained (we could not accept or reimburse participants who refuse a legal injunction).

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