L21 Nature sings

Avec Panda Van Proosdij (The Netherlands) and Tom Johnson (Belgium)

August 4th to 11th, 2022


Medium level

Language spoken by the conductor: Anglais

Preparation in advance:Oui

CANCELLED – Workshop reserved for youth choirs (12 to 17 years old). The participants will have to prepare part of the repertoire with their conductor before the festival.
Youth choirs can register as a group with a special offer, including accommodation and restaurant. Check out our info pages here: https://choralies.fr/en/information-rates/youth-choirs-information/

Nature, our most precious gift, calls us. In this atelier, we praise and sing about nature. The purity of water, the ferocity of a volcano, the freedom of a bird, the beauty of a rainbow. We connect all these elements in one performance, a theatrical whole filled with singing, moving and stage presence. We immerse ourselves and the audience in the different sound worlds of nature.
Part of the repertoire you will prepare with your choir at home, the other pieces we learn during our rehearsals at Choralies. This gives us the opportunity to work on staging from the beginning of the process. This is an atelier for participants who love to sing, and are not afraid of presenting themselves on a stage. Conveying the essence of the piece through sound and expression.

Tom Johnson is a violinist and choral conductor. For him singing is one of the most accessible forms of making music. Tom reaches out to all groups in society with singing: children and adults, choirs and schools, professionals and beginners. He hopes everyone can experience the joy of singing together. He conducts in the C-Koren, the largest choir family in Belgium, with over 300 singing members. In this organization, he conducts a Children’s choir and a youth choir. In Mechelen Tom conducts Viermaliks (a mixed vocal group). As a workshop leader, he works for different organizations in Belgium (Koor&Stem, BeVOICEd, ASO, Bozar…) and abroad.

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