Les Choralies 2019


You will find

You can choose the Choralies’ campsite and use your own tent, your trailer or camper, or use one of the group tents provided by the Choralies (about 10 places).
All options are displayed on the website (www.choralies.fr).
Many other options are available: regional camp sites, rental, gîtes, rooms in guest houses, hotels…
Fichier 18
The Choralies open air restaurant is here for you: various menus announced every day, with several options (courses, buffet, pizzas…). The restaurant area is mostly covered and shady: good atmosphere and encounters guaranteed! All options on our website www.choralies.fr
You can also enjoy Vaison’s tables (and caves, with moderation…) depending on your mood and strolls.
Information: Vaison-la-Romaine’s tourist office +(33)4 90 36 02 11
Regional products
You can go for a walk on the colorful paths of Vaison-la-Romaine’s famous markets,
on Tuesday morning at the center of the city (of course, make sure to go before or
after your atelier, no skipping classes on market days!)
As for all the other days, the city’s stores are waiting for you with open arms and willing
to offer their recommendations.
Other accomodations
Fédération des Gîtes Ruraux du Vaucluse +(33)4 90 85 45 00
Tourist offices:
Orange +(33)4 90 34 70 88
Beaumes-de-Venise +(33)4 90 62 94 39
Bédoin +(33)4 90 65 63 95
Avignon +(33)4 32 74 32 74
Bollène +(33)4 90 40 51 45
To make your stay as enjoyable as possible please do not forget
– a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
– a pillow (the steps of the Roman Theatre are… ancient!)
– your most beautiful smile!
Considering the Choralies’ lifestyle, climate and intense activities, the Choralies aren’t suited for people who would not be in the best physical or mental conditions.