Espace Junior

Singing for all!

The Espace Junior welcomes kids and teens from 4 to 17 years old with or without experience in choral singing. Participants have access to evenings in the Théâtre Antique on the days they are present. All Espace Juniors activities are held at the À Cœur Joie (Escapade) centre.

Depending on their age, they can participate in 3 types of activities:  “ateliers juniors” for 8 – 17 years, “atelier loisirs enfants”

and “les après-midi juniors” for 4 – 12 years

For 8-17 year olds: Ateliers Juniors

The Ateliers Juniors are long 8-day workshops and require full registration at the Choralies. Rehearsals follow the same schedule as the adult workshops. Participants commit to partake in the planned daily schedule.

For 4-12 year olds:

Atelier Loisirs Enfants

This workshop offers leisure activities (sports, art, music…) for the day. It is reserved for children whose parents are registered as Choralists on the same days, thus allowing them to follow their own workshops without having to worry about childcare. Supervision is provided by volunteers who have experience in child care and children’s programmes. Activities will be adapted to the different age groups. Limited number of spaces.

Les Après-Midi Juniors

Playful afternoon daycare can be reserved on site using a dedicated ticket (see below), on a day-to-day basis and subject to availability of spaces.

Based on the same rules as for adults, the Junior Choralists will be given “Junior Afternoon” tickets. These tickets allow them to participate either in Les Après-Midi Juniors activities or to exchange them for a Day concert ticket at the Box Office.