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The Choralies is a non-profit, grass-roots festival. Participation in the workshops is reserved for members of the non-profit association À Cœur Joie (or À Cœur Joie International or “European Choral Association – Europa Cantat”).


Content and Length of Stay

Registered participants benefit from the following during the length of their registered activities:

Registration is for a period of 1 to 8 consecutive days. It is therefore not possible to register for two periods separated by an absence (first two days plus the last day for example).

A “Day at the Choralies” starts with the evening at the Théâtre Antique on the day before workshop begin, followed by the workshop and the afternoon concert for each registered workshop day (e.g. workshop from 4 to 6 August = 3 Choralies Days = evening of 3 August in the Théâtre Antique through to afternoon concert on 6 August).
If your package includes the day of 7 August (night off for the Théâtre Antique), you may attend the evening of your last day instead.

You are :





Choralistes Mineurs

“Les Passerelles”

24 Avenue Joannès Masset

CS51001 69258 Lyon cedex 09

+33 4 72 19 83 40 //

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