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Allegretto Lyonnais // ECCE MUSICA Ensemble Vocal d’Arnas

Allegretto Lyonnais


The Allegretto women’s choir is offering you some gems from the French and the German sacred vocal repertoire interspersed with baroque and contemporary moments.

Allegretto Lyonnais

The Allegretto Lyonnais choir, which celebrated its 30 years anniversary in 2021, was created by Alain Chabrier and recently taken over by Ricardo Ceitil. The choir’s classical repertoire spreads from the Renaissance to today. Its headcount has been reduced (there currently are between 20 and 25 choristers) which did not allow the choir to maintain a mixed four parts choir, which led to a natural switch to a three parts women’s choir. The choir is still established in Lyon, but it has made very few public appearances due to Covid-19 restrictions. Allegretto Lyonnais wishes to enchant you with a sacred music programme in the prestigious Vaison-la-Romaine.

Direction : Ricardo Ceitil

ECCE MUSICA Ensemble Vocal d’Arnas


John Levitt’s Missa Festiva is considered one of the most important choral pieces of our time.

ECCE MUSICA Ensemble Vocal d’Arnas

Ecce Musica, Ensemble Vocal d’Arnas is composed of 29 choristers and stems from a choir created in 1996 by Jean-Jacques Margueritat. Its repertoire comprises baroque and sacred choral pieces like Mozart’s Requiem, Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle, Gounod’s Te Deum, Saint-Saëns, Vivaldi, Liszt, and Bach, including the Mass in G major BWV 236. In 2015, the ensemble gave a concert in Hungary with the great Hungarian choir Cantus Agriensis and welcomed them in France in 2016. In 2018, Henriette Adler took over the direction of the choir and preserved its baroque and sacred orientations, its contemporary inclinations and added her personal touch.

Direction : Henriette Adler



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