Catering and choralies campsite

Find here all the logistical information you will need to prepare your Choirs!


Catering services are specially set up in the centre of Vaison-la-Romaine during the Choralies. The catering space will be open from dinner on the evening of 3 August until breakfast on 12 August.

Tickets can be bought individually, but it is cheaper to register for a package deal:

  • “Full-board” package includes, for each day at the Choralies: dinner the night before, breakfast and lunch. This order cannot be changed.
  • “Half-board” package is available only for an 8-day stay and can be used either for all dinners (from 3 to 11 August), or for all lunches (from 4 to 11 August + dinner on 3 August), no combinations or changes possible. It includes breakfasts.

Meals include a varied choice of starters, main courses and desserts to satisfy all festival goers. Special dietary requirements can be taken into consideration on an individual basis on presentation of a medical certificate before the festival.

Choralies Campsite

An ephemeral camp site is set up during the Choralies, offering economical and local accommodations. Access is exclusively reserved for registered festival goers only for the day(s) on which their badge is valid.

Registration for camping does not include any meals.

All occupants must be registered at the Choralies and each person must pay the nightly rate. For individual tents or campers, you will have to specify the name of the site reservation ”holder” as well as the other accommodated people.

Registration at the Choralies campsite requires acceptance of the internal rules which can be consulted ”here” and which detail the times and conditions of arrival and reception, the rules and  regulations and the mandatory safety and security measures.

Other types of accommodation can be reserved on your own accord, without the intervention and responsibility of the organizers.

Three Types of Available Accommodations:

Group Tents

These modular structures can accommodate 10 to 12 people with a cot, mattress, chair and a rack with hangers for each individual. They do not have lighting or electrical outlets. Sheets, sleeping bags, blankets and pillows are not provided.  

The organization will do its best, but cannot guarantee, to provide separate tents for men and women.

A 20€ deposit will be retained for the mattress upon your arrival at the campsite.

COVID adaptation

We are suspending the possibility of accommodation in a collective tent for individual participants. Sharing a sleeping space for several nights with people from different backgrounds and with no ties constitutes a health and organisational risk. The offer of camping in individual tents and motorhomes is maintained.

We are aware of the inconvenience this may involve for some and that the alternative solution may not be suitable for all. We will reassess the health situation for possible adaptation. Those already registered will be contacted.

The collective tent offer will be maintained as far as possible for the reception of constituted choirs (youth groups), without mixing of groups and under the responsibility of the choir.


Individual Tents

You come with your own tent. As the allocated area is limited, its size must be adapted to the number of occupants and must not encroach on the space needed by the other campers (no awnings).


They must park on the dedicated municipal lot, within the limits of available spaces upon arrival. They can connect to the electrical network via their extension, empty waste water, however connection to the water network is not possible.

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